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Devdas Mukherji is black-listed by his multi-millionaire Zamindar father, Narayan. After completing 10 years of study, Devdas returns to his hometown where his family prepares to welcome him, but their happiness changes when Devdas prefers to visit his childhood sweetheart, Parvati alias Paro, before paying respect to his mother. After so many years, Devdas finds he is still the black spot in his father’s life, especially when he is prevented from marrying Paro, who happens to be a lower-caste girl. Eventually time passes with Paro’s family arranging her marriage to a much older man, Bhuvan Choudhry, whose children are in her age group. This sadness not only breaks Devdas’ heart but shackles him to alcohol in a big way. Soon Devdas starts to frequent a brothel and catches the eyes of a courtesan named Chandramukhi. Step by step, Devdas trudges down a path of self-destruction.

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Genre: DramaINDIAN



Duration: 185 min


IMDb: 7.5